Liquid Coatings
The demands placed on the coatings industry have necessitated an increased commitment at Diamond Vogel® to provide our customers with the right product mix to fit application and performance requirements within governmental and environmental guidelines. Diamond Vogel’s OEM coatings include over 2500 product choices and technologies that can be modified for custom application.
Powder Coatings
Peridum powder coatings offer excellent application and performance characteristics. Our state-of-the-art technology allows for tightly controlled particle size distribution that provides extremely good first pass transfer, edge coverage and smoothness.

Technical Service
Diamond Vogel® is committed to providing the highest level of technical service and expertise in both liquid and powder applications. We provide oven profiles, line audits, product demonstrations, cost analysis, performance testing and specification writing. Comprehensive painter training programs include classroom training and hands-on training in the booth with manuals and certification for ISO needs.